A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are summoned to a land infested with monsters.  Explore the land, defeat your foes, and discover the source of evil.  Only then can you fulfill your destiny as the Shadow of Vengeance.

Created for the Zelda-Like Game Jam


WASD / Arrow Keys - Move

Left Ctrl / Left Click - Attack

Left Alt / Right Click (Hold) - Block

Left Shift / Middle Click - Throw Spear

Space Bar - Interact (NPC's, Doors, Round Boulders)

Known issues:

It should only cost 50 gems to buy the map from the NPC, not 200 gems as said in the dialogue (I forgot to change it in the submitted version).

The game's boundary is mostly sealed with trees and rocks, but there are holes that allow you to leave the main area and see gray background.  Generally, if you stay near the roads and where you see enemies and destructible props, you'll avoid this.


Slimes, spiders, and destructible props (grass, small plants, pots, barrels, crystals) respawn after 3 minutes.

Each ogre (except for the ones behind the locked doors) guards a crystal, which drop a health container when destroyed.  The health container also heals your health to max HP.

If the ogres get too difficult, just know that the spears when spammed are OP'd.


Shadow of Vengeance_Windows.zip 27 MB
Shadow of Vengeance_Linux.zip 30 MB
Shadow of Vengeance_Mac.app.zip 29 MB

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